Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is in session are you present?

I have decided to share a journey I am taking with you.  At the end of May I started a class by Melody Ross and her sister Kathy.  It is called Soul Restoration 2.  Better known as The Brave Girl Club.  I liked the idea of becoming a better me.  I don't know about you but I have found I have been floating through life.  Now, I am not saying I have not accomplished anything, done anything of merit.  I am saying I really have not been present.  No real long term goals that have to do with wishes, dreams.  Just kind of doing my every day thing.   
For example have you found that when you are talking to someone and there is a computer or you have your IPhone (smart phone) you spend time looking at one or the other instead of totally focusing on the person in front of you.  Another personal example I have talked about opening a small little etsy shop and sell some of my work, or teach some of the local ladies here in town.  Instead of working towards that goal I only talk about it, do nothing to move towards it.  It is a dream; why can't it, why is it not something I am doing?  Because I am floating, talking but doing nothing to move towards that particular dream. 

Those are only two things.  The list is long.  I set out to learn all about search and rescue using dogs.  I succeeded by certifying 2 dogs in two different disciplines; and I am still learning.  I am still moving forward with that goal.   So it's not as if I don't know how to set a goal and work towards it.  I also want to be a better sister, wife, daughter, aunt, friend to those I love.  I need to be present.  I don't think it was any one thing, or any bad hurtful thing.  I just got caught up with "I".  Habits started that were not nipped in the bud.  It's time to be present in my life.  To interact, to participate in my life with interest in all the little and big things.  Get rid of the "I". 

Melody has suggested not to do the class with the intention of showing your art journals to anyone.  That way you will not get so caught up with the art and then don't do the exercises.  But for me, I need to be held accountable to some degree so that I will do the prompts.  So, I am using you as my personal accountability guides.  I will show you something I have completed at least once a month maybe more.  It's time I take better care of the things that are important to me.  This blog is one of them.  I create stuff but do I put it here to share; NO.  Another thing I am floating not paying attention to as I should. 

Here is the first page of my life journal.  I really love it.  The tabs are exercises that I need to complete and journal in.




This layout is basically about how I set road blocks up to sabotage my efforts.   The reasons why I should not allow myself to believe the lies that either I or other people tell me.  I need to be positive and move forward and allow that there will be set backs.  That is what life is about.  Getting up and dusting yourself off and starting again.

This is a wonderful class, though there is a ton of work and journaling (which is so not my thing).  But, I have signed up for the Soul Restoration 1 class.  I am behind in both, but that is OK, I have to say these two classes are a wonderful experience.  I highy recommend them both. 

The Big Picture experience

Life is a very interesting process; don't you think?  Art like life is a constant evolution.  I started scrapbooking, then became more interested in mixed media so scrapbooking was put on the back burner.  But, as life sometimes happens a small little light bulb goes off and I realized that forgetting to do one also minimized the other.  

Scrapbooking is a beautiful and artsy way to remember the stories of our lives.  The little things that we would otherwise forget.  Yes, it is important and fun to scrapbook the big trips and events that happen in our lives.  Maybe it's age and a tiny bit of wisdom has finally seeped in.  I have found it's the everyday stories, memories that are so very important.  If we don't write them, scrapbook them they will be lost to us.

I am a student at Big Pictures Classes.  What a great place to take a class.  Right now they are doing a free class to introduce you to their various instructors.  Each day an instructor uses a word and then shows an example of their layout's.  I decided to use a book I had laying around and Websters pages.  I LOVE webster papers.  They are just to beautiful not to purchase.  I also have a very hard time cutting them.  But, I have made a mid year resolution to use what I have, period!  No purchasing new paper or supplies until I start using my beautiful coveted papers I already own.

Here is the cover. 

This is the inside page, which I will write something to my Mom.  It is a gift for her.

This page is about when I got my hair cut so I could donate it to Locks of Love... Share

This is about my Uncle (my Mom's brother) he was given an honor by his Rotary club.  We just lost him this week to cancer.  He was an amazing man.

I love this layout.  It shows my parents in the middle 60's repelling in Hawaii..... live

I have 5 more layout's to do.  It will have a total of 12.  A sweet little book to sit on her coffee table for her to look at.  Memories are a wonderful thing to give.  With the passing of my Uncle they seem more important then ever.  Again it's the every day moments that are the most precious. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Supporting those who Serve "Why"

I just watched a beautiful video on you tube by a 15 year old girl named Lizzie Palmer.  If you ever question why you should support those who serve in the Military, this is why.  Watch it and open your heart no matter your political belief.   Put aside any discontent you have and just watch and feel blessed.

Thank you so much Lizzie for this heart felt reminder of who is serving and what they do and should mean to each and everyone of us. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

For a special little girl

My family and I have very special friends who's granddaughter was just diagnosed with
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia   She is 5 years old.  I know every child is special and beautiful; with the lose of my nephew, I guess Lauren's illness has really turned my world upside down. I know personally the lose, pain and total lose of  control when you get this kind of news. 

Now, with the help of my Mom we have come up with an idea to help keep Lauren busy because she is confined to a wheel chair.  Paper dolls.  How great is that.  Mom remembered spending hours cutting out dolls and outfits for herself when she was Lauren's age. Lauren is a girly girly; from her love of anything pink, purple, sparkly to ribbons and bows. 

So, running with Mom's idea I created a folder to hold her doll's and outfit's before they are cut out.  Then a box that is pink, purple with flowers and beautiful saying on the top so she will have a place to put them once she has them all cut out.  That way they won't get lost or crumpled up.

Now, through the next couple of weeks; I will try and upload the next few projects I will be creating for Lauren to help keep her busy through her long stay at the hospital. 

The next project will be another pretty box but larger so it can hold her journaling supplies.  I think with all the confusion she must be going through that it would not only be fun but helpful for her to have a way to express herself through art.  It is so much easier to use art to express frustrations, frightening experiences and the joys in life. 

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers she is very precious and such joy to her family and friends.  Also take a minute to thank the dear Lord for the health of your little ones.  They are a gift and should be treated as such.