Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Big Picture experience

Life is a very interesting process; don't you think?  Art like life is a constant evolution.  I started scrapbooking, then became more interested in mixed media so scrapbooking was put on the back burner.  But, as life sometimes happens a small little light bulb goes off and I realized that forgetting to do one also minimized the other.  

Scrapbooking is a beautiful and artsy way to remember the stories of our lives.  The little things that we would otherwise forget.  Yes, it is important and fun to scrapbook the big trips and events that happen in our lives.  Maybe it's age and a tiny bit of wisdom has finally seeped in.  I have found it's the everyday stories, memories that are so very important.  If we don't write them, scrapbook them they will be lost to us.

I am a student at Big Pictures Classes.  What a great place to take a class.  Right now they are doing a free class to introduce you to their various instructors.  Each day an instructor uses a word and then shows an example of their layout's.  I decided to use a book I had laying around and Websters pages.  I LOVE webster papers.  They are just to beautiful not to purchase.  I also have a very hard time cutting them.  But, I have made a mid year resolution to use what I have, period!  No purchasing new paper or supplies until I start using my beautiful coveted papers I already own.

Here is the cover. 

This is the inside page, which I will write something to my Mom.  It is a gift for her.

This page is about when I got my hair cut so I could donate it to Locks of Love... Share

This is about my Uncle (my Mom's brother) he was given an honor by his Rotary club.  We just lost him this week to cancer.  He was an amazing man.

I love this layout.  It shows my parents in the middle 60's repelling in Hawaii..... live

I have 5 more layout's to do.  It will have a total of 12.  A sweet little book to sit on her coffee table for her to look at.  Memories are a wonderful thing to give.  With the passing of my Uncle they seem more important then ever.  Again it's the every day moments that are the most precious. 

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