Friday, September 30, 2011

Three little witches

For fun I created this for my soon to be sister in law.  I put her and her two daughters heads on some sexy little 1950's witches I found, I believe on etsy. 

The scary house I cannot remember where.  Then with the help of some paint, colored pencils, and various mediums this was the result.  It was fun project.  I will be doing one more featuring my sister and her family.  Now, that should be fun.  LOL  Watch out Jill you never know what you will be; and it is Halloween after all; and sisters will be sisters. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of creating.  I am off for some search and rescue training in on of my favorite place Stevenson, WA.  Wish good luck to a team mate who I will be testing for her HRD certification. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

toilet paper roll mini book

I have heard all about how to make toilet paper rolls into little mini books.  Now I hate to miss out on something.  So, last night I created my own version.  I added a spine using sticky back canvas.  This little book is a gift for a friend who just got her new puppy. 

She is already training to be an HRD Search and Rescue dog.  She is a beauty too, at 11 weeks.  Her name is Rue.  Because I really am not that good at taking pictures of my work and Rue is a black giant Schnauzer it is a bit difficult to see how darling she is.  I will be meeting my newest little member this weekend.  I am very excited.  I think the best part about friends puppies is you get to play with them, spoil them and then when it's time for their nap or they make a mess it's all about leaving them with their Mom's.  I guess just like human children.  Being an Aunt has it's perks. 

Here is the cover.

Ok, here is a picture you can see fairly well.  See she is a darlin.


I left quite a few pages open so as she takes pictures she can add them to the book.  The tags are places she can add more pictures or a little journaling. 

This tag is of her father.  Pretty impressive, right?  He is working on Schutzhund training. 
He is jumping into a tree to grab the bite sleeve his trainer is holding out for him.  There is
a you tube video on it and all I can say is WOW.

Here is a picture of her and some of her littler mates at around 2 weeks.  So cute.

This is a picture of mom.  She had to have a cesarean to give birth to these little darlings.  She is a trooper.  If I had to have surgery, there is no way anyone even my darling children would be near where they had to cut. 

This is Rue sitting on the gear her handler will be bringing into the field during both trainings and missions once she is certified.  I believe that is a lap pillow for laptops she is sitting on.  She is still very little.  Can you believe in just a few short months she will have the size of her father and mother. 

This is the back of the book.  Turned out very sweet.  I am pretty happy on how it turned out.  I think she will love it. 

There is one last picture of the spine.  This is where the sticky back canvas came in.  Got to love that stuff. 
Well have fun making your own version of the toilet paper mini books.  I am still a bit amazed that of all things, toilet rolls could be the base of such a fun little creation.  Have fun and if you have any questions please fill free to ask away.

A little box of thank you

I picked this up at the dollar store.  It is similar to the graphic 45 print trays but not finished and very small.  This is only 6-1/4" x 6 -1/4".  The openings are only 1-3/4" x 1-3/4". 
But I wanted to makes something sweet and not very big for my soon to be sister in law.  She is our new picture taker.  She does beautiful pictures and so many that I will always have plenty to pick from.

I have no idea why this keeps coming out sideways.  I don't know how to fix it and I am now very frustrated with either blogger (yes I am shifting the blame; because this has never happened before)

But hopefully you can get the idea.  I think it turned out very sweet.  It has a little hanger on the back so she can hang it up somewhere. 

Enjoy looking around and finding something that you can alter to your needs.