Friday, September 30, 2011

Three little witches

For fun I created this for my soon to be sister in law.  I put her and her two daughters heads on some sexy little 1950's witches I found, I believe on etsy. 

The scary house I cannot remember where.  Then with the help of some paint, colored pencils, and various mediums this was the result.  It was fun project.  I will be doing one more featuring my sister and her family.  Now, that should be fun.  LOL  Watch out Jill you never know what you will be; and it is Halloween after all; and sisters will be sisters. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of creating.  I am off for some search and rescue training in on of my favorite place Stevenson, WA.  Wish good luck to a team mate who I will be testing for her HRD certification. 


teri said...

We were watching something the other day about a retired woman who trains many search and rescue dogs -- I think 100 so far? -- and I thought of you.

Elena said...

Tracy this is awesome!!! I know she LOVED it!