Monday, October 31, 2011

inchies, ATC cards and tags oh my

I have to say I am really getting into making these little pieces of art.  I guess I had better, because I still need to make 100 or so more.  They are a bit addictive.  I am having a ton of fun creating them;  so, hopefully you don't get to tired of seeing them. 

Here are the lastest creation from this weekends play. 

This tag is for a friend of mine who loves gypies.  I love the look of the dancers  They are on black velvet background.   I hope she enjoys it.
This ATC card is a gift to a very good friend of mine, Elena who just recieved the best gift of all; a brand new granddaugher.  If you are looking to see a very inspiring blog I highly suggest you stop by.
This next ATC is for another friend who has done some amazing things with her life.  On of which is she wrote a book which is amazing by the way Collage Couture: Techniques for creating fashionable art  You can also check out her blog at
Take the time to check it out it really is very inspiring place to stop by. 

So that is it for now.  With winter coming quickly and with it the holidays, I am hoping to make time to create as much of my holiday decorations and gifts as possible.  Instead of worrying about not having enough money I am going to see what I can create.  It should be an interesting proccess. 

Let me know what you will be doing when it comes to the holidays.  Have fun
Before you go, I would like to share a good quote I found on my favorite new site

"People will always say you are going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own".  Angelina Jolie

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