Monday, November 7, 2011

More tags and inchies

Here are the tags I created and more inchies.  I promise to move on to something else soon.  I am working on a couple books, and Christmas decorations as well.  Hopefully next week will have them done to show.  The book is to put tag's in.  The decorations are for my tree.  I have decided it is time to have an all homemade Christmas. 

Here are the 3 tags I created and some inchies

Here are the inchies I worked on.

Have a great week. I hope you are making something wonderful


craftyM said...

LOVE IT!!!! Very cool with the photo film....Thank you! And your inchies are so detailed. Mine I have to admit are just plain ole simple squares as I have never done inchies. Took Elena or Eileen or whomever literally at their word when they said just punch out papers.. I did do fancy painted papers....though! Hopefully that count! But no comparison to yours at all! Can't wait to get my pkg!
Thank you again! Marita

Elena said...

Wow!!! Tracy the tags are fabulous!! The inchies???? OMG!!! I soooooo did not spend so much time on mine!!! Now I feel indept!!! I know what Marita means! Love you!

Ally White Cat said...

Your work is wonderful. wow what awesome. Thank you for sharing.

susan s.