Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabric, lace oh my

Well two post in one day.  I am going for a record.  I joined a fabric journal Round Robin.  I am so very intimidated.  I have never made a book with fabric; it is due in the mail on the first and I still have not put it together. 

But I have gotten 2 ATC's done. 

This one is for Eileen.  I love this picture from John Waterhouse.  It is going to be on the cover of my book.  Yea I know I need to get busy.  I am honest.

This one is for Sox.  As I stated before I have never worked with this media other then a little quilting.  So the adventure in fabric begins.  


I have finally finished the Halloween cabinet for my sister.  It took me like forever.  But, I really like it.  I got the idea from Laura Carson's Apothecary tutorial.  It you have not checked her blog out please do so.  She does some amazing things.  Christmas cabinet using match books is Divine.

I used boxes from Joe Malone candles as the base for the cabinet.  The doors are made from chipboard as are all the book bases. 

Sorry about the poor photography.  I was taking this at night.  Those little bottles at the top are filled with "poisons" and candle wax dripped down the sides.
The latch was made out of a metal leaf I used Alcohol inks on with a key that swivels on a brad.
 Here is a closer look at the top.  Each of these little books are made for putting small pictures in them.

 Here is a closer look at the one of the little books
 Here is one of the 4 x 6 books that sits inside of the cabinet. 

Well now it time to get it shipped off to Jill.  Let's hope the postal system is kind to it and nothing gets broken in transit.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My new obsession

I am having so much fun with match books.  I have made two and can't wait to make more.  I think I will use them as mail love.  I have not been able to send anything out to my art friends in like forever so hopefully this will be a wonderful surprise. 

The first is all girly and sweet pink. 

The second one I made is all about halloween.  I still need to find something cool to put inside.  But, otherwise I am very happy with the results.

I do not understand why blogger switches my picture sidesways some times.  It really irritates me.  If someone know how to stop this please let me know. 
Anyways, these are so much fun to make.  I just wish I could create faster.  I swear I am slower the a snail.  Oh well they are fun and I think they turned out pretty darn good for my first time.
Have a great day and have fun getting ready for fall

A book of Deric

My nephew stayed with Mike and I for a month over the summer.  To show his mom what he was up to out of her sight I did a small mini album for her.  I did add other pictures of Deric that I had but the over all theme was his summer with us.

I created it out of a small moleskin book.  Adding scrapbook paper and bits of this and that.  The cool thing about the little book is that you can use anything to put together a mini scrapbook.  You do not need anything expensive.  So look around you house and see what you have that is gathering dust.

As you can see it is nice and full. 

Here is the notebook I used as the mini book.  Jill loved it and that was what I was after.  I am very fotunate to have a sister so willing to share her child.  He is awesome too.  I love this kid more then I can say.  I am already looking forward to having him next summer; but before that happens I will be making a trip or two to Phoenix to see him, my sister and brother in law.


Have a great day and put together a book on what you did this summer.  It is gone and fall is arriving in all it's glory.  Just waiting for the next story to be told. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Camera

Well it has been a while since I have posted.  This summer has gone by in a blink.  Now we are looking at the beginning of fall.  What is that about anyway.  The passage of time is going way to fast.  I have spent the summer training Murphy in water cadaver.  Though it is the same discipline as what he is certified in; adding the element of water puts a huge difficulty factor in the equation.  Murphy is use to being the captain of his own boat so to speak on land.  On water he is in a boat and there is a someone else choosing the direction of travel. 

He has rocked it.  I am very proud of this dog.  For turning 9 in November and learning a new skill, he is one amazing little dog.  Because of his age I will be adding another puppy to my already full house.  Hopefully the little guy will join my family around December. OK now that you know what I have been doing most of the summer let us turn to the fun activity of paper crafting.

Here is what I made using Laura Denson's tutorial Vintage Camera.


This is a side view of the billows.  The colored slops are where little photos go.   Again with the turning of the photo.  No idea how to fix this; moving on.  This is what goes into the little slots.  You can put a photo on one side or both or add journaling.  Very cool.

I have no idea why this is on it's side; but if you can rotate you head to the left you can see this is the back.  The little door opens up to where a small little scrapbook goes. 

There are a lot of Tim Holtz items on this camera.  The paper I used was from my all time favorite Webster pages "in love".  As much as I like how it turned out there are some things I will/would change on it.  The will comes in because I am thinking of making a second one.  Instead of me making the boxes I think I will use Tim Holtz's configuration boxes.  They may be a bit more level once the project is finished.  This one is not completely lever.  But, as the same practice makes perfect. 
I am off; so I hope you all have a wonderful Labor day holiday and are safe and with someone that makes you happy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Storage for my new craft room

I have been working on my new craft room.  I love it!  It is downstairs next door to our TV "family" room.  So while I am working on something I am still able to talk with Mike and be part of our family. 

Once it is totally put together I will show some pix.  But for now here are a couple of pieces I am decorating as storage pieces.  I just love the beautiful papers that are out there.

This is a tray that will hold little containers for my buttons. 

The next piece I pick up at good will for .99 cents.  I love how it turned out.  It will hold tools I use a lot.

Did they not turned out so cute.  Plus cost me little to no money except the papers that I have been saving. 

Have a great day and enjoy the sunny weather it looks like summer is finally here.  Oh, and if you have a minute stop my Sarah Whitmire's blog.  For her 32nd birthday she created her very fist mural, public art work.  It is fantastic just like her. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

A birdhouse for Jill

Well I hope all You Mother's had a fantastic day.  I created a pretty little bird house for my sister who I will be visiting in Phoenix come Friday. 

Here is a look of how it turned out. 

A close up of the front.
Happy Mother's Day Jill.  I will be seeing you on Friday and bringing you your Mothers day gift. 
Love you

Monday, March 19, 2012

Purse mini book

I wanted to show you what the little book looked like once I was able to complete it with Sarah's (my niece) school photos. 

I think it turned out very sweet.  The little wooden box should protect the mini book for years to come.  I gave it to her this weekend while we were at the beach. 

I am going to make 2 more one for my Mother and sister (sarah's other aunt).  I will then start working on my two nephews.  I know they are not going to be wanting a purse so now the search for what would best represent them. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paper Crafting how I missed you

I know it's been a while since my last post.  I have gotten back to paper crafting.  Mixed media is fun; but I miss my first love.  So here are a few of the pieces I have been working on.  The first was a birthday gift to my friend Karen.  It documents a SAR training session with her new Giant puppy Rue.

I used Tim Holtz's suit case die.  I used various papers craps I had from other projects.  I really love how it turned out.

This next project is for my family.  I am making one for each member.  I found this wooden purse at Michaels and decorated it using different papers.  I then created a small little book to sit inside of it.  The book has 12 pages in it.  Each page will represent a school year photo.  Nothing fancy just something that documents how fast they grow up during their time in school.  I will show you a few pages once I have all her school pictures together.  I think everyone including my niece will enjoy it. 

I will also be making one for each of my nephews.  A purse it will not be.  I will let you know as soon as I figure out what will house their little school year picture book.

Hope you have a good week full of crafting and enjoying what is around you.