Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Camera

Well it has been a while since I have posted.  This summer has gone by in a blink.  Now we are looking at the beginning of fall.  What is that about anyway.  The passage of time is going way to fast.  I have spent the summer training Murphy in water cadaver.  Though it is the same discipline as what he is certified in; adding the element of water puts a huge difficulty factor in the equation.  Murphy is use to being the captain of his own boat so to speak on land.  On water he is in a boat and there is a someone else choosing the direction of travel. 

He has rocked it.  I am very proud of this dog.  For turning 9 in November and learning a new skill, he is one amazing little dog.  Because of his age I will be adding another puppy to my already full house.  Hopefully the little guy will join my family around December. OK now that you know what I have been doing most of the summer let us turn to the fun activity of paper crafting.

Here is what I made using Laura Denson's tutorial Vintage Camera.


This is a side view of the billows.  The colored slops are where little photos go.   Again with the turning of the photo.  No idea how to fix this; moving on.  This is what goes into the little slots.  You can put a photo on one side or both or add journaling.  Very cool.

I have no idea why this is on it's side; but if you can rotate you head to the left you can see this is the back.  The little door opens up to where a small little scrapbook goes. 

There are a lot of Tim Holtz items on this camera.  The paper I used was from my all time favorite Webster pages "in love".  As much as I like how it turned out there are some things I will/would change on it.  The will comes in because I am thinking of making a second one.  Instead of me making the boxes I think I will use Tim Holtz's configuration boxes.  They may be a bit more level once the project is finished.  This one is not completely lever.  But, as the same practice makes perfect. 
I am off; so I hope you all have a wonderful Labor day holiday and are safe and with someone that makes you happy.