Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A book of Deric

My nephew stayed with Mike and I for a month over the summer.  To show his mom what he was up to out of her sight I did a small mini album for her.  I did add other pictures of Deric that I had but the over all theme was his summer with us.

I created it out of a small moleskin book.  Adding scrapbook paper and bits of this and that.  The cool thing about the little book is that you can use anything to put together a mini scrapbook.  You do not need anything expensive.  So look around you house and see what you have that is gathering dust.

As you can see it is nice and full. 

Here is the notebook I used as the mini book.  Jill loved it and that was what I was after.  I am very fotunate to have a sister so willing to share her child.  He is awesome too.  I love this kid more then I can say.  I am already looking forward to having him next summer; but before that happens I will be making a trip or two to Phoenix to see him, my sister and brother in law.


Have a great day and put together a book on what you did this summer.  It is gone and fall is arriving in all it's glory.  Just waiting for the next story to be told. 

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