Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabric, lace oh my

Well two post in one day.  I am going for a record.  I joined a fabric journal Round Robin.  I am so very intimidated.  I have never made a book with fabric; it is due in the mail on the first and I still have not put it together. 

But I have gotten 2 ATC's done. 

This one is for Eileen.  I love this picture from John Waterhouse.  It is going to be on the cover of my book.  Yea I know I need to get busy.  I am honest.

This one is for Sox.  As I stated before I have never worked with this media other then a little quilting.  So the adventure in fabric begins.  

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Eileen Bellomo said...

They are lovely, and one is for me! Yea! Your book will be wonderful; just relax and enjoy the lushness of the fabric and lace. Before you know it, you will be finished!