Monday, November 19, 2012


I have finally finished the Halloween cabinet for my sister.  It took me like forever.  But, I really like it.  I got the idea from Laura Carson's Apothecary tutorial.  It you have not checked her blog out please do so.  She does some amazing things.  Christmas cabinet using match books is Divine.

I used boxes from Joe Malone candles as the base for the cabinet.  The doors are made from chipboard as are all the book bases. 

Sorry about the poor photography.  I was taking this at night.  Those little bottles at the top are filled with "poisons" and candle wax dripped down the sides.
The latch was made out of a metal leaf I used Alcohol inks on with a key that swivels on a brad.
 Here is a closer look at the top.  Each of these little books are made for putting small pictures in them.

 Here is a closer look at the one of the little books
 Here is one of the 4 x 6 books that sits inside of the cabinet. 

Well now it time to get it shipped off to Jill.  Let's hope the postal system is kind to it and nothing gets broken in transit.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by.

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