Friday, March 1, 2013

So in love with Pinterest

I have been in love with Pinterest since I discovered it; way over a year ago.  I just cannot get enough of it.  In fact I cannot let a day go by without checking out the wonderful new idea's, inspirations that are posted almost hourly.  This is simply the greatest thing to hit the internet since I don't know when.

It's all I talk about when one of my friends or family members ask do you know of a new recipe for dinner or are you creating anything new.  I just keep saying let's look on Pinterest.  It has become the go to statement.  I know it is sad; but it is so much easier to just pull up my boards or someone I am following to get an idea or push my muse. 

So this post is about making french looking pots for both outside and inside.  So much fun.  It is a transfer using Modpodge.  Click here to see it on pinterest  Click here to go directly to the post for the step by step directions.  All the graphics came from the second most awesome site on the internet graphic fairy.  I purchased a photo editing ap for my Iphone and flipped the images.  So easy and so much fun.  The ideas are endless.  Cookie jars, boxes and so on.

Here are some pictures of some pots that are painted before putting the transfer on.  It is the first step.  I found letting the pots dry for 24 hours especially if you are using unfinished Terra Cotta
pots to be important. 

I think they turned out wonderfully.  You do have to be carefully with the pressure you use to remove the paper.  You can remove the image if you get too carried away.  I also used a galvanized pot I found at Craft Warehouse.  I put chickens on it.  I love it.

Now it is time to pick out the plants.  I think once spring comes my patio is going to look fantastic. 
Now if you have any questions please ask away.  But, in order for me to answer you I need you to include your email address. 
Have a wonderful weekend; and I hope you will check out all of the wonderful inspirations items on Pinterest.  It is just so darn cool!!  Oh and if you want to take a peek at my boards just click here.

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Dannette Ruger said...

I too am so addicted to Pinterest. I set an hour aside every night before bed time to cruise thru Punterest. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one. Thanks for sharing! Hugs & smiles, Dannette