Monday, December 29, 2014

One Little Word 2015

Wow where did the time go.  I have ignored my blog for a while.  I am trying to find my way.  I will be hitting a mile stone January 30; 50 half a century.  Does that not sound old; full of wisdom?  So many negative connotations are associated with turning 50.  I am not sure how I feel about it or if I should feel anything at all.  What have I learned; what do I want to learn.  Have I grown; does it even matter.  Where do I want to go from here.  So many questions so very few answers. 

Truths that I do know; I am OK with being a person who does not need to travel to see the world.  I like my home, I like my routines.  I have activities that are important to me; but I think the best thing about turning 50, I like who I am becoming.  Yes becoming, because I believe we all evolve; becoming better, worse, happier, sadder.  The choices are endless. 

Our lives are a journey.  The paths we take; the emotions that we feel.  All have an impact on who we are and who we will become as we choose what path we will take in our life.  The whole ripples in a pond as we throw a stone.  It is so very true.  Choices that effect all those around us.  Interesting, scary impressive if you think about it.

I have decided to join the One little word class authored by Eli Edwards.  Several words have came to mind.  Words such as thoughtfulness, understanding, happy, enough, purpose.  Finally one stood out and it was one I did not see coming.


adjective, kinder, kindest.
of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person:
a kind and loving person.
having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence:
kind words.
indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane (often followed by to):
to be kind to animals.
mild; gentle; clement:
kind weather.
British Dialect. loving; affectionate
I love everything it about it.  I want to make sure my words, my actions are based on that one word.  So it was important to choose carefully.  I want my year to be defined by my word choice.  I am making a purposeful choice to change the way I live my life in a small but significant way. 
So before I say something to or about another I want to ask myself is this kind.  If I cannot say it is then the parable we all have been taught will go into effect; "can't say something nice don't say anything at all." 
I know I will stumble because I am not perfect, I get frustrated say and do things without thinking.  BUT, if I can start a new habit of always asking myself this simple question I just may become a better me, a happier me.  I have never believed that being nice to someone or something was about them.  It is about me.  If I am kind, thoughtful it serves my soul; I am doing it because it makes ME feel good.  The whole cause and effect thing.  I am KIND then the effect is someone else will benefit and pass it on.  That is what abandon art is about during black Friday.  I just want to practice that every day. 
I will try to document my success as well as my failures during the next year.  It should be interesting to see how this one little word define who I will become in 2015.  Maybe some of you will try the class.  Document your success and failures.  Please post I would really like to hear how YOUR word defines who you will become in 2015.